DevConf.US 2020 (virtual)

Just like all other conferences this year, DevConf.US was organized virtually too giving everyone an opportunity to share and connect with the open source community. The conference dates were Sep 24-25, 2020. You can know more about the conference here. This time, I had a chance to be a part of a panel discussion titled “Is quality a fault line in software development?” along with my team mates Deepak Koul and Shreya Bansal. It was a great opportunity and I…

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Selenium Conf 2020 (virtual)

I attended Selenium Conference on Sep 11-12, 2020 and had a chance to connect with the Selenium community virtually. I didn’t have any plans to make it to the conference until I got a surprise email in my inbox on Sep 10 (Thursday) night that my lightening talk has been accepted and with that I also got the pass to attend the conference. Woohoo!

At my talk

DevConf.CZ, Brno 2020

The title for my session was ‘API Testing 101’s: Quick and Easy’. It mainly covered introduction to REST API, how to go about testing REST API, introduction to an interesting test framework in python named ‘lemoncheesecake’ and how this framework let’s you generate some awesome test reports. You can find the slide-deck here.

Grace Hopper Celebration India(Bangalore, 2019)

The Grace Hopper Celebration India is Asia’s largest gathering of women technologists. I happened to have a chance to be at GHCI this year which was also the 10th edition and was held in Bangalore from Nov 6-8. It was overwhelming to be surrounded by such a large number of women, we had over 5000 attendees this year from over 371 organizations and 151 different cities, Bangalore topping the chart. Grace Hopper Conference happens only in two places across the…

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DevConf.US, Boston 2018

After a successful event in India, DevConf was all set for it’s first chapter in US and that was conducted on Aug 17-19, 2018 in Boston. The venue for the conference was decided as Boston University and it was an appropriate venue for such a conference where we could also some student attendance. Given that it was the first ever DevConf in US, the attendee turnout was somewhere between 350 to 400. Journey: The way my journey started is worth…

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DevConf.IN, Bangalore 2018

DevConf is an annual Developers’ Conference and it was organised at such a big scale in India for the first time. It was conducted on 4-5 Aug, 2018 at Christ University, Bangalore. There were over 1100 attendees and 110 speakers at the conference, the conference was indeed a success! Day 0: I was travelling to Bangalore after four years, the last time I was around was at PyCon India, 2014 and now again for DevConf.IN, 2018. I landed at the Bangalore…

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QE Camp, Brno 2018

QE Camp is an annual event focussed on Quality Engineering that is conducted by Red Hatters for Red Hatters. It is an internal event where you meet Red Hatters from the QE department as well as other departments across the globe. As of now, it is an internal only event but we may think of opening it to a larger audience sometime in future. It is a great event where you meet all the folks from Quality Engineering including the…

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GTAC, 2016

Google Test Automation Conference was held on November 14-15, 2016 in Sunnyvale, California. It is an annual test automation conference hosted by Google which brings together engineers from industry and academia to discuss the advances in test automation and test engineering computer sciences field. I got an opportunity to be there at the Google Sunnyvale campus and attend GTAC after following up for 2 consecutive years. Other than CFP for speakers, they have applications for attendees as well and your seat…

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